Roger M. Buss

Interim CIO

✅ EXPERIENCE – Roger is a successful IT executive who knows how to use Information Technology to drive business performance. He has worked for six companies over a period of nearly 30 years as senior IT executive, as well as two management consulting firms. Having spent considerable time in both corporate and consulting worlds, he understands how to achieve success. He is ready to help you do the same!

✅ He is highly skilled in developing strategic roadmaps, and leading strategic initiatives in web and mobile development, systems consolidation and legacy modernization, and cloud migration. His specialty is core system replacement projects, which he has orchestrated successfully for two companies. He really enjoys the insurance industry and appreciates the stabilizing effect that it has on the entire economy.

✅ INDUSTRY CHALLENGE – In order to survive today, companies must migrate their core systems to current technology solutions to provide the agility to respond to rapid changes in products and markets. In a climate where significant M&A activity is underway, companies must also be able to consolidate and rationalize acquisitions quickly, in order to achieve a single processing platform and a cost-effective systems architecture.
Can your company afford to skip the digital transformations that your competitors are doing right now?

✅ STYLE – Able to successfully translate between the business and the IT organization, show the business respect, and focus on what’s really important. He employs Agile project management principles, effective cross-functional team building / leadership, innovative problem solving, and clear goal setting.

✅ ROI – Illustrating Roger’s drive for results and digital transformation:
• At one company, he successfully eliminated an expensive and risky legacy processing platform by executing a meticulous core system migration to a package solution for ten separate underwriting offices. The company had previously tried to do the migration in a single step and failed, so Roger’s approach was to do each office separately starting with the simplest, and apply learnings from each implementation to the next.
• At another company, he drove the effort to achieve a single processing platform for a combined business by migrating and integrating acquired $100M portfolio into the acquiring company’s systems. This resulted in significant IT cost savings.

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